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Edwin Steinmetz Associates

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures




Serving the Government
Corporate and Private
 Sectors since 1981.

Offering professional 
sweeps for over 
twenty five years.


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COMSEC Certified


State of the Art Equipment


There is a reason why 
the Federal Government, 
Political  Leaders, CEOs and
 Celebrities call upon ESA.



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hor We provide "real sweeps"  to counter the following:

bebek Wiretaps * Room Bugs * Eavesdropping * GPS Trackers * Recorders * Covert Cameras *Microphones  *Surveillance * Corporate Spying * Espionage * Electronic Stalking * Frequency Hoppers * Burst Transmitters *  Cell Phone Bugs * VOIP & Wi-Fi Threats


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We can not accept any assignment presented as an effort to thwart law enforcement.

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(856) 467-4454

Electronic Bug Sweeps

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| Surveillance Detection

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| Electronic
Bug Detection | Counter Surveillance | Bug Detection | TSCM | Electronic Sweeps | Links

Edwin Steinmetz Associates Technical Surveillance Countermeasures provides TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) Sweeps throughout the United States. This process consists of threat analysis, physical search, extensive electronic analysis of the premises, summary of finding, and recommendations.bebekbebekbebek
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We use state of the art TSCM detection technology.


A word of caution

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gambar bebekternakgambar bebekternak There are literally hundreds of vendors offering "bug sweeps" on the internet and business  yellow pages.

The vast majority are using eBay bug detectors or equipment designed in the 70s to find analog bugs.

RTSA/DPX depicted below is utilized to find today's threats. Covert transmissions hidden within other radio signals.

This cutting edge technology is used by fewer than 2% of Private TSCM firms.